When I say WE did it I really mean it.

bridge footings

It amazes me how many people from our community participated in one way or another, to the success of this project. From large donors to small donors we were able to establish a cash reserve of about $13,000. With the trust and support of the Parks Department we were allowed to develop and submit a plan for the site. County parks sent out requests for bids and procured a pre-manufactured modular bridge.

With the pro-bono or reduced cost help of professionals we were able to complete all the site engineering, surveying, stream analysis and soils analysis.


After gathering all the data and getting all stakeholders (Parks, KC Forester, Suquamish Tribe, WDFW, DNR, park stewards) on board we were issued a permit.

With the help of skilled equipment operators, contractors and volunteers doing some heavy lifting the actual installation of the bridge was anti climactic.
We installed it in less than a month. After six years of planning the project is done.

Now we need some rain and fish.

Finsished bridge

Kitsap Great Give


Thank you for your generous donations!

All Great Give donations will be applied to the fish passage project. For 2019 we received 2721.77. Thank you.

In order to improve fish passage across Old Loop Parkway ,we need to design and install a bridge that will allow juvenile fish to move upstream to rearing habitat, reduce peak water velocity and increase water retention. Opening this passage, will allow Coho and Sea-run Cutthroat to access about 50 acres of prime rearing habitat, and restore natural stream processes. We had our first successful Coho hatch in 2016, only to lose all the fry when they became trapped and predated when water levels dropped. A bridge would prevent this from happening in the future by allowing the fry to reach the safety of the large wetland above the beaver dam.
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Bird Meadow in winter. A great hike anytime of year.

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Serenity Cove. Photo courtesy Anjalee Banerjee

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Tiger Lilly. Photo courtesy Loren Wasson

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