Garry Oak Project Update

The old log landing and sorting area in the south end is the perfect place for Garry Oak trees. They are the only oak native to our area and most were removed in the latter half of the 19th century. The site is on a flood plain with good soil, and most importantly gets full sunlight most of the day.

The Wednesday Workers have spent the summer preparing the site for Octobers scheduled planting. Removal of Scotch Broom was the primary focus with a small amount still remaining along the perimiter of the meadow. Ladder fuel reduction, trash removal and competing species removal is all that needs completion prior to planting.

Final prep will be completed on the first three Wednesdays in October, and the planting will be on Orca Recovery Day, 21 October 2023.

Garry Oak Project
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Development of and infrastructure in Newberry Hill Heritage Park will be minimal. A proposed parking lot, with pit privy is under consideration. Preliminary designs and input from stakeholders are being included in the proposal. The design will include horse trailer parking (15 foot wide by 50 feet long), automobile parking, restroom and trailhead access.
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Bird Meadow in winter. A great hike anytime of year.

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Serenity Cove. Photo courtesy Anjalee Banerjee

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Tiger Lilly. Photo courtesy Loren Wasson

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