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Next stewards meeting is the 19th of November. Regular work party 21st of November.


President Tom Coleman

Kudos to our stewards! They have won the 2015 Hood Canal Coordinating Council's Environmental Achievement Award. The award ceremonies were held on the 6th of November at the Lucky Dog casino in Skokomish Washington. Stewards attending were treated to breakfast and lunch during the celebration of the 30th year of the Hood Canal Coordinating Council. It is an honor to win this award and made more so by those that were nominated but did not win. There are many selfless individuals and dedicated groups out there doing things for our community and generations that will follow. President Tom Coleman accepted the award and gave a speech about how our group works together and gets things done. Attending: Rob Gelder (KC Commissioner), Jim Dunwiddie (KC Parks Director), Lorie Raymaker, (Volunteer coordinator), Arno Bergstrom (KC Forester)and several stewards.

REI Work Party

Stewards and REI work crewJo and Christina grooming trail REI cvolunteeer Joe pulling Holly

Thanks to REI for sending in troops to help us with our August work party. We built a fence (to Dori's specs) pulled a lot of English Holly and groomed the trail. This sensitive area is a popular spot for viewing the large beaver dam and wetland. The fence is to let people know how close they can get without harming the very thing they came to see. This project was funded by proceeds from our annual rummage sale. We all love to see these wonders of nature and sometimes we love them to death. Enjoy the view, but please stay on the trail. This area is within the Urban Wildlife Easement Area and is designated as a Kitsap County Critical Area. Some of the water in this wetland will become your drinking water.

Fish Passage Milestone

Fish friendly culvert under Seabeck Highway

It's easy to forget all the good things going on in the county when everyday progress is way to boring for media release. The Holly Roundabout project is coming to a close, bike lanes are being added and the fish barrier at Seabeck Highway has been removed as part of this road improvement project. A 15 foot box culvert with natural bottom and stream bed gravel replaced the undersized one that ran under Seabeck Highway near the entrance to KRRC. This is a major step in getting Coho and Searun into the parks large wetland. Thanks to Kitsap County tax payers, WDFW, Suquamish Tribe, planners, engineers, equipment operators, surveyors and a host of others for including this in the roundabout project. There is one more fish barrier in the park on Old Loop road and we are working on that one.

Family Forest Field Day

40x100 foot tent- lunch

Several stewards attended the Family Forest Field Day in Raymond Washington on the 15th of August. Classes were held on the Custer Creek Tree farm,a national award winning tree farm owned by the Falkner family. WSU Extension forester Andy Perleberg coordinated the event and classes ranged from Riparian enhancement, native plant ID, Managing for wildlife habitat, tree pruning and more.

Washington Conservation Corps Returns

Jessey with chain saw Chipping fire fuels

The WCC crew returned for two more days in the park in May as part of our DNR Urban and Community Forest grant. They reduced fire fuels and improved trail aesthetics along the new section of Old Loop Road and at the junction of Fire Trail and Old Loop Road. Thanks to the hard working crew, Dori Leckner for use of the chipper, Bret Steck for chipper delivery, maintenance and pick up, Forester Arno Bergstrom and Miki McNaughton with DNR.

Rose Grant Field Work Completed

Removing duff at station 2 Students at station 2

Our water mapping project is wrapping up and with the soil pH samples collected and measured the final report can be completed and submitted to interested agencies. The final report will be archived with KC Parks. All the GPS data points, mapping and soil sampling was funded by a grant from the Rose Foundation For Communities and the Environment. AES Consultants established survey reference points, compiled all the data collected by volunteers and produced a professional map that is being submitted to the Department of Natural Resources for inclusion on the states water mapping layers. The existing map does not show the correct location of the stream, and several important wetlands are not shown. Students from KSS collected soil samples at 6 stations to help in determining if these water bodies are Type B wetlands or bogs. The samples were taken to the chem lab and TRIS Compatible Flat pH Sensors purchased with Rose Foundation funds were used to determine pH. Special thanks to KSS staff Jobie Flint and Kim Hamblett for taking the time and planning necessary to complete this field visit and lab work.

Way finding

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The most important feature of this park is you, our volunteers and stewards.



As Friends and Stewards, we apply the long range guiding principles established by stakeholders to everything we do.

Newberry Hill Heritage Park's future development should:

Celebrate the natural beauty and protect the ecological health of plant/wildlife communities and watershed headwaters

Offer safe, inviting, and clear access points and way finding throughout the park

Maximize the park's educational potential for students and the larger community in safe and engaging ways

Connect to nearby regional trail systems

Offer a variety of non-motorized recreational uses appropriate to the ecological characteristics of the land and within the County's ability to build and maintain them

Contribute to the park's role as a good neighbor to surrounding communities

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Stewards Meeting

Klahowya Secondary School, 7PM, Room 136. Third Thursday of each month. All are welcome.

Work Party

Third Saturday of each month. Details available at stewards meeting.

In order to reduce misunderstandings, KC Parks now requires written permission to do ANY trail work in the park. Please have a copy of your approval with you when working in the park.

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