Friends, Stewards and Kitsap Parks

Friends of Newberrry Hill Heritage Park is a 501c(3) public charity. Donations to our organization are tax deductible and used to maintain the park and fund projects appropriate to the long range objectives for development of the park. We work closely with Kitsap County Parks and the Newberry Hill Stewardship Group. The Stewards are mentors and act as the co-ordinating body for all park projects, and supply labor to implement projects. All projects are proposed, until and when approved by Kitsap County Parks.

Guiding Principles

As Friends and Stewards, we apply the long range guiding principles established by stakeholders to everything we do.

Newberry Hill Heritage Park's future development should:

Celebrate the natural beauty and protect the ecological health of plant/wildlife communities and watershed headwaters

Offer safe, inviting, and clear access points and way finding throughout the park

Maximize the park's educational potential for students and the larger community in safe and engaging ways

Connect to nearby regional trail systems

Offer a variety of non-motorized recreational uses appropriate to the ecological characteristics of the land and within the County's ability to build and maintain them

Contribute to the park's role as a good neighbor to surrounding communities


Steward president Tom Coleman with the Hood Canal Coordinating Council Award for Environmental Achievment. It is an honor to win this award and made more so by the calibre of those that were nominated but did not win.

Friends Of Newberry Hill Heritage Park 2018

All photography provided by volunteers